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Hammering Home Truly Unique Screen Protection

Published on 10/07/2017

  • Hammering Home Truly Unique Screen Protection

Yes, Gear4’s latest offering is a scratch resistant, hybrid polymer screen protector which will bridge the gap between film and tempered glass screen protectors. Gear4 is all about impact protection, so it comes as no surprise that their newest addition would be a high impact screen protector.

Gear4 even felt so confident that they commissioned an independent lab drop test. An extremely heavy 300g solid steel ball was dropped from 1.7 meters onto an iPhone 7 with Hammersmith installed. The phone survived and Hitfar is confident this product will deliver excellent protection.

Gear4 built it, we even tested it and now the Hammersmith is ready to protect your iPhone 6,7,8 and iPhone X screens.

Gear4 Hammersmith Hybrid Impact Protection Screen Protector

The Gear4 Hammersmith is a case friendly screen protector for the iPhone 8/7/6s, as well as 8/7/6s Plus and iPhone X that comes in a pack of two. And at $34.99 for the whole package, you won’t break the bank on this purchase.

The Hammersmith offers easy, bubble-free installation, great impact protection, doesn’t break or chip, it’s case-friendly and you get great value with two screen protectors in a pack.


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