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Published on 09/27/2017

  • New Apple Products

iPhone 8 and 8+
There is no big change on this model which is the successor of the 7. Its look becomes more trendy in new colors. Apple abandons its aluminum back cover to the benefit of glass. This change somewhat compromises the strength of the smartphone but it displays a resolutely modern design. We appreciate especially the quality of the pictures taken with the camera of this new iPhone. We go from 8 to 12 mega pixels, with an improved perception of light for successful selfies. With the Iphone 8, arrives the wireless charging technology on the smartphones of the brand.

iPhone X
It's Apple's new baby that everyone was waiting for. New look, new technologies. This new high-end iPhonehas all the features to stand out from its competitors.

Facial recognition - This is the end of the Touch ID, which is replaced by the Face ID. A facial recognition that will be used to unlock the device or settle on Apple Pay. This technological prowess is achievable thanks to its powerful sensors located on the top of the screen. This new security system promises to be 20 times safer than with fingerprint unlocking. Even with a hat or glasses, this powerful artificial intelligence module will recognize and unlock you as you approach your face. This is how the end of the famous central button of the iPhonesees. New gestures will have to be adopted for an even more intuitive use.

A large screen - The iPhone X is equipped with a 5.8-inch screen with OLED HDR True Tone screen. After the central button, it is the turn of the black bands above and below, to disappear. This way you can enjoy the full width of this big screen.

A more powerful battery for more autonomy - Apple announces that its iPhone X will have an autonomy of 2 hours more. Small improvement that users will appreciate. Just like on the iPhone8, recharging can be done with a wireless charger, by simple contact with its base.

Apple TV
Apple finally launches its TV box in 4K for an image in Ultra HD. Itunes movies as well as Netflix and Amazon video will benefit from this high-definition format, which should burst the colors, images and contrast.

Apple Watch
Big technological evolution also on this flagship product of the brand: the LTE connection. A dream come true. The new Apple Watch Series 3 has its own connection and its own SIM card. It does not need to be connected to the phone to operate or to be nearby. This freedom will be especially appreciated by sportsmen who want to stay connected without taking their phone with them. Ideal also when you want to send an SMS and its smartphone has no battery. Another improvement, the watch sees its speed improved. Gone are the applications that take time to load. The Apple Watch Series 3 takes a new lease of life with all these new features.



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