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LifeProof Aquaphonics Just Landed!

Published on 07/13/2017

  • LifeProof Aquaphonics Just Landed!

Take your jams anywhere, rain or shine, with this LifeProof Aquaphonics speaker. Bluetooth connectivity provides wireless performance over up to eight devices, and this durable sound device conveniently attaches to a backpack or belt with the built-in carabiner. This LifeProof Aquaphonics speaker is water-resistant and resistant to dirt and drops.

Aquaphonics AQ9

The smallest in the group, this speaker is perfect for solo settings and can be by your side all the time thanks to a built-in carabiner. Featuring 16 hours of play time, AQ9 comes in three colours: Lime, Black, and Blue. MSRP: $149.99

Aquaphonics AQ10

In addition to playing music the AQ10 also offers you a small storage space for personal valuables (credit cards, keys, etc.). This speaker can float, charge other devices, and be paired with up to 8 devices so people can easily share their iTunes. Available in two colours (Black and Lime), AQ10 has 13 hours of play time and comes at retail price of $299.99.

Aquaphonics AQ11

The largest in the family; the AQ11 has the size while still portable and it floats! Designed for large areas, it has a spacious compartment that can accommodate one phone, credit cards, and more which makes it easier to pack and go. Similar to the AQ10, it can charge other devices and offers up to 15 hours of play time. Retailed at $399.99, it only comes in Black.


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