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List of products by manufacturer Leef

The capacity of your smartphone is crucial in our crazy era of digital photos, videos and music. The more space we have, the better. Leef will expand your smartphone's storage when running out is no longer bearable.

Leef's passion for attention to details has resulted in several first-to-market fast and stylish USB Drives and Card Readers for mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. They give you more storage space and make it possible to transfer data from your mobile device to other smartphones, tablets, or desktops without using cables or paying monthly fees.

Leef data storage solutions

Available in various capacities, our selection of Leef products includes iBridge USB drive & iAccess card reader for iOS devices and Bridge 3.0 USB drive & Access card reader for Android devices.

Leef, never run out of memory again!


Leef data storage solutions for iOS and Android